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Untitled (It's Actually Very Simple)


• "Designed by Michael Oswell, this political poster is part of the Ibiza Mykonos Jeremy Corbyn series of over forty hypothetical posters, begun in reaction to the announcement of an early general election" – Design Museum Shop
• 60cm × 90cm
• Limited edition of 10 with 7 artist proofs, signed and numbered
• 5-colour screenprint – cyan, magenta, black, special yellow (PMS 803 + process yellow), special red mix (PMS 032 + PMS 805)
• Printed in Brumath, France, by Lézard Graphique
• Brumath is also known as Brumpt
• A Beazley® Design of the Year™ 2017
• "The poster reflects a time of discursive collapse - the boundaries between public and private communication being continually eroded and blurred" – Design Museum Shop
• A real conversation starter

– Proletarian: Only serigraph
– Petit-Bourgeois: The serigraph and a hand-scrawled note about protesters owning iPhones
– Haute Bourgeois: The serigraph, a hand-scrawled note about protesters owning iPhones and A BESPOKE INVOICE